Seen behind glass

Leopard and text, here done in ink and gouache, dating from the 16th or 17th century and of probable Yemeni origin, appeared originally in the 13th-century’s wonderfully entitled Marvels of Creation & the Oddities of Existence, the work of the great Arab scholar al-Qazwini which is preserved today in many copies. Doctor, astronomer, natural historian and geographer, al-Qazwini also wrote a futuristic, ‘science-fiction’ tale about a man who travelled to Earth from a distant planet….

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    In the museum, glass protects. Across town and window-shopping at the Pearl, beautiful and expensive objects placed behind glass arouse our consumer desires!

    Glamorous, glitzy, girly, these impractical but adorable shoes must be the ultimate in frivolous, fabulous footwear – and I envy the lady who might buy and actually wear them! Strictly a ballerina flats / ‘sensible’ shoes kind of girl, I maintain a great admiration for those ladies who can manage to look perfectly perfect whilst balancing in heels of immense height, and these are not only perilously high but flirty, funky, positively post-feminist and gorgeously PINK! This must be the ultimate modern ‘glass slipper’… Cinderella eat your heart out!

    – A visitor to Qatar