5 Tips on moving to the Middle East



In the Middle East you can find everything from breathtaking desert landscapes to beautiful forests. You can find hustling street markets to high end shopping malls. Although the Middle East is incredibly large and diverse, there are still some tips that are helpful regardless of where you will be living.


Stay Open Minded
Staying open minded is always important, but especially when making a move to the Middle East. When moving to the Middle East you will likely face unfamiliar foods, people, and customs. At times the unfamiliarity can be overwhelming. But, by trying to keep your mind as open and accepting as possible you allow yourself to embrace the unfamiliar. So before passing judgment on customs, or refusing to try a new dish, think about the experience you could be missing, and allow yourself to embrace and understand your new home.
 Do Your Research
The Middle East is a culturally rich region with so much to see. However, as with any part of the world, there are regions and cities that you should be cautious of. Make sure to do your research before moving to educate yourself on the potential dangers of your new country.
Checking travel warnings from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia can be helpful in keeping you updated. Some Middle Eastern countries can have website restrictions. If you encounter this problem, you can use a VPN to access important websites. There is no reason to be afraid to move to the Middle East, but it is important when moving anywhere to be aware of potential danger.
Dress the Dress
A little bit of research can also help you prepare for any important cultural differences you may encounter in your new home. Although some cultures within the Middle East may have some similarities, there is plenty of variance. Arabian Gulf countries are often more modest and traditional than the Mid-Eastern countries. It is a good idea to investigate the appropriate public attire of your new home In general, modesty is the best way to go. However, the levels of modesty and what is appropriate to wear can vary greatly depending on the country and city you are living in.
Talk the Talk
Learning the language of your country will help you tremendously in adapting to the Middle East. Figure out what language is most widely spoken in your Middle Eastern country, and start to learn the basics as soon as possible. You may not become fluent overnight, but sometimes just saying “hello” and “thank you” means more than you know.
Embrace Your New Home
At times, moving somewhere new can be challenging. Culture shock and homesickness are just some of the challenges you may face. However, if you continue to make an effort to embrace your new home, and overcome these challenges, you will be rewarded. The Middle East is culturally rich, stunningly beautiful, and full of some of the most beautiful people inside and out. The more you continue to explore, the more you will discover and learn. Remember, this is an adventure, so go out and take advantage of all your new Middle Eastern home has to offer you.


Jess Signut from Tripelio