Planning to visit Qatar? Here are the Top 7 things you should try

Today Qatar stands at the zenith of economic development, with personnel from all across the globe flocking in numbers and why not!

With a plethora of career opportunities and the prospects of a higher standard of living ensured, it stands as one of the best job destinations for any individual to lead a comfortable life.

However, while working in this exotic country there are several other things you want to try your hand at.

Yes, there indeed is more to the country than meets the eye. The section to follow will discuss seven of the most interesting activities you can try while living/working in this country.

1.Go For Desert Trips and Camping

Naturally, the idea of living Qatar will make you draw a mental picture of a sandy desert with scorching heat above the head, why not try it then?

There are plentiful activities you can engage in. For instance, renting a dune buggy in proximity of Sealine Beach Resort and go for dune bashing- a popular sport amongst Qataris and expats using an SUV vehicle.



Travelling over the sand dunes while enjoying an unparalleled view of the desert will definitely be a worthwhile experience. Moreover, talented Qatari guides will help you keep the desert safari safe and enjoyable at the same time. Camps are generally equipped with Bedouin- style tents carpeted with traditional seating and including all basic amenities. On the whole, a desert safari will surely add the component of adventure to your stay.


2. Visit the Unique Art Galleries and Museums

Qatar is flourishing as one of the most prominent art destinations in the world. This can be majorly attributed to the exotic museums sponsored by the Qatar Museums Authority. Moreover, the country (esp. Doha) is steadily becoming a hub, enticing millions of dollars’ worth of investments from art-minded investors all across the globe.

The foremost museums and galleries you can visit include:

  • Museum of Islamic Art: Possesses one of the world’s most impressive collections of artworks crafted according to the traditional styles and techniques across the Middle East and Central Asia.


  • MATHAF- Arab Museum of Modern Art: It is known to be the centerpiece of modern and contemporary art in the country. MATHAF is known to have a permanent collection of artworks from the early 1840s to the present day. It aims to promote Arab art through talks, lectures and learning programs.
  • Katara Art Center: The Katara Art Center is a committed and passionate incubator to promote contemporary art in Qatar. Located in Doha, the center is wholeheartedly devoted to support the local and regional art and design.

  • Umm Tais- A protected area of islets, mangrove forests, sand bars and beaches. Home to a wide variety of birds and marine animals, along with nesting turtles, Umm Tais also holds the remains of the ancient village of Al Mafjar.
4. Cruising at Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is a waterfront promenade extending along the Doha Bay. The development of skyscrapers during the last decade has added some beauty to the visible edifice near the stretch.

One thing that you don’t want to miss for sure is taking a traditional ride in the boat, commonly known as ‘Dhow’ . The amazing view of the incandescent sunset in the evening and the beautiful city lights reflected back from the water at night, add to the aesthetic value this spot holds.

5. A stroll in the Souq

Souq Waqif (the standing market) located in Doha is quite well-known for dealing in traditional garments, handicrafts, spices and souvenirs. Right from a dozen of restaurants serving delicacies from all across the globe to the popular Shisha lounges, there’re plenty of options for you to consider.
You can also find the best quality of rice and olive oil from tiny shops in the Souq. The place is a major gathering point for Qatari nationals and Western expats from different countries.

6. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra is a musical group pertaining to the country that performs both Western and Middle Eastern works, encouraging the enjoyment and creation of such music by the Qatari population.

A part of the Qatar Foundation, the orchestra of 101 musicians chosen by a jury of international music professionals can create quite a musical and soulful experience for you in Qatar.

 7. Eating in Multi-Cuisine Restaurants

Qatar serves a blend of modern as well as traditional food from all across the globe. Top-notch luxury hotel chains provide immense options for fine dining. Right from Ritz-Carlton, Radisson and St. Regis to Sheraton, Marriott and Intercontinental, hotels that stand on this small peninsula are abundant.

Traditional dishes like Burghul Pilaf, Tabbouleh salad, Qatari Machbous, Koussa mahshi and Ghuzi are some prominent ones that you’ll find as the specialty in most of the eateries.  

However, while dining out, it’s preferable to keep your passport for identification purposes.

Non-Islamic drinks aren’t served in certain restaurants like in the Pearl Qatar, so it’s best to check before making any reservations.

It might seem like just another country with numerous tourist spots and activities, but Qatar for sure stands as one of the premier global destinations enticing crowd from all across the globe.

Yes, you too can enjoy a great stay. All that is needed is to add the points mentioned above in your Qatar bucket list and look forward to the adventure that awaits you!