Full time friends and part time bloggers, we are four twenty-something girls keeping it funky in D-town. Wandering the world looking for new adventures, and sharing our experiences, Funky Qatar Blog (FQB) is a platform to showcase funky ongoing in Qatar.

It all began during one coffee date, when one of us suggested we start up something together. The four of us, being best friends since college, jumped at the idea, and that’s when FQB came into being.

Funky diaries will give an insight into the lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food in Qatar.

Four Friends.One Blog.


Meet Ameera

A neat freak by nature, my week goes by making sure my house is labeled (yes, I own a label maker), organised and clean enough to eat off the floor. My weekends consist of critiquing movies and trying out new restaurants. So basically, you can call me a type-A ‘Monica Gellar’. If you don’t know her, you and I can’t be friends.

I love to travel and explore new cultures, arts, and customs to get the city vibe (maybe take along my imaginary cat). I enjoy doing crafts and decorating my home to the true reflection of mine and my hubby’s style.

Favorite time of the day? Day dreaming and having my morning coffee overlooking the garden.

Signing off,
The Funkiest Companion.


Meet Nashita

Bollywood dancing queen is my usual Saturday activity. Friends call me a grammar Nazi but I don’t see it.

Dream life? Living in Paris, inhaling the smell of new clothes and nibbling on my cheese croissant.

One thing you don’t know about me yet is that I am the biggest Harry Potter fan.

Signing off,
The Funkiest Nerdy Fashionista


Meet Saima

I’m your typical risk taker. From sky diving in Dubai, zip lining in Thailand, paragliding in Eygpt and bungee jumping in South Africa it’s safe to say I enjoy trying new things and travelling the world.

I have a strange passion to start new businesses.

I wouldn’t leave the house without my Moschino tote.

Don’t talk to me under any of these three circumstances: when I’m feeling hot, hungry or bored.

Signing off,
The Funky Risk Taker


Meet Martha

People get easily scared from my height but I don’t make it easy with my quick wit and sarcasm.

I LOVE dogs and babies equally. No discrimination. Unless, it’s a cat.

When I’m bored? I’m either sleeping or taking selfies in the aspiration of being the next Kim K.

Usual question of the day.. WTF. Where’s the food?

Signing off,
The coolest Funky Gal