Inside the most popular fast food joint in the world!

There are very few people who have not experienced McDonald’s and even fewer people who haven’t heard of this fast food chain.

This ginormous franchise has been a pioneer and leader for fast food around the world. Applauded for their lightening speed delivery, variety of flavors and state of the art operations, McDonald’s holds a trendsetter image.


“With power comes great responsibility.”

After being criticized on health benefits of the McDonald’s food, they have initiated an “Open Door Program”. Continue reading

Story behind the Nihari


Review on the chef's special menu for a special occassion.

In the month of April, I have a few very special birthdays to celebrate. One of them being of my dear dad.

This year as he completed another year of being awesome, my family choose to treat him with his favorite food. Now, you must understand, he doesn’t like anything that is not North Indian cuisine so our restaurant choices were limited and we made a list:

  • Gymkhana, Souq Waqif
  • Taj Rasoi, Marriott Doha
  • Bukhara (Just cause my family name is Bukhari, doesn’t mean we own it. Though that would be really nice)
  • Bombay Balti, Raddison Blu
  • Chingari, Raddison Blu

There was one key factor for us to choose a restaurant. Where will we get the best “nihari”? Continue reading

Carnivores give Vegetarianism a try

Did you just say “ew” when you read veggie? Or were you that 1% of the population that got excited?

Well, I wanted to share with you the experience of having a vegetarian menu for a carnivore. Nando’s Qatar were so kind to call us to try out their new menu so we accepted instantly. But as the day approached, the FQB Squad thought we’re going to be grabbing a McDonalds on the way back! Continue reading


Before I get into telling you about “Blogging with Chef Vineet” I have a little story to tell you. In 2012 when I met my husband, we quickly bonded over our love for good Indian food, great ambiance and perfect hospitality.We chose Saffron as the restaurant for our date. Little did I know, that night and Saffron Lounge were going to be memorable and close to my heart. My dear hubby proposed to me! *blushes* Continue reading


Doha’s gastronomic scene has been on a rise lately with the countless amount of cafes, diners and bars opening every other day. As we all know today going to a restaurant is no more about just good food and a happy tummy. People want an experience and something that is Snapchat and Insta worthy. Well, if you didn’t click a picture it didn’t happen right? So most restaurant owners in Qatar have been coming up with great concepts to give the restaurant a personality of its own. Continue reading

Luxurious Asian Street Market

Last week I had the great opportunity of tasting and trying out the Asian Street Market at Trader Vic’s in Hilton Doha.



The night started off with some light gossip, ordering of drinks and really just catching up after the Eid holidays.

We met our lovely hosts who greeted us and spoke to us briefly about the concept. The restaurant wasn’t new to most of us which was an added advantage. If you haven’t been, let me describe it for you..

Continue reading