An Interview with the UK’s only time traveling DJ – Dirty Freud

  • PictureDanni Skerritt is a British writer, poet and co-founder of Quenched Music – A Manchester based company that creatively supports and develops the freshest music talent to emerge in the UK.
    Through Danni Skerritt, DJ Dirty Freud has recently been creating a whole host of of new and interesting ‘Electro Dub’ genre music tracksHaving recently played with several DJ legends up and down the UK, DJ Dirty Freud is now looking to introduce his ‘Avant Garde’ style of music to the Middle East.

    Funky Qatar Blog is pleased to interview the Maverick DJ Dirty Freud…

    1. So Dirty Freud, you recently played at the Brixton Jamm in London with The Correspondents, DJ Format and some very special guests including DJ Yoda. Can you sum up your feelings about this? 

    “These gigs have been the highlight of my career…well that and time travel. It’s just made me feel like I am finally making an impact. I Feel at this point like I could make time standstill”.

    Agendas is released today and it’s free to all. Freud says,

    “It’s free because this is a debut showcase. I haven’t been working in this century for long so you have to lay your cards on the table and encourage people to come and dip their toe in the water. The lead track, ‘Whizzing Through Time and Space’ has been a journey in itself. I’ve been wandering between this dimension and the next and that’s a story I had to tell in my music. The astral plane is a place that has always intrigued me. Through Danni Skerritt I had a friendly face in the right place and an open mind. I needed to take human form for this to work, this is something that people were ready to see”

    3. You are interested in visiting the Middle East to offer up some DJ sets, what attracts you to this area of the world? And what can your music offer to music enthusiasts in this region? 

    Well I’ve always had a thing for the Middle East, I find it timeless and enigmatic as many of my influences are. I’ve been gaining a lot of inspiration in the beauty and the culture of the Middle East. I find it all intoxicating. My music will give something new to this region, it will open peoples minds to the possibility of the impossible. These are the main reasons I want to DJ here.

    4. Where can people hear your music?

    My music is in the following places, check me out – Freud is watching…

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