An interview with SUCQ Comedian and Creative – Ahmed Gamal

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A prescription for long life …..if you want one.

Do you want to stay young? Laughing is the medicine, come & see Ahmed.
Having a problem laughing at yourself ? He will laugh at you, come & see Ahmed.
Can’t understand women? Neither does Ahmed…but his jokes are simple, come & see him.
Do you like laughing for no particular reason?…Please come & see Ahmed… laugh hard and he might pay your ticket.
Do you like Sushi? Come &…wait, what?
Have issues laughing? Well we can’t promise you anything, but if you apply Ahmed on your…just come & see him please.

– Ahmed Gamal.

On to Ahmed’s interview with Funky…

1. ” So Ahmed, when did you decide that you wanted to be a stand up comic?”

” I always make jokes on the go, whenever I’m with a group I always make fun of myself, of others and of the stereotypes 
I see around me, there are a lot of these stereotypes in the multicultural environment of the Middle East.

One day I joined a comedy class in Dubai to improve my skills, I came up with some material on the spot and it was a blast! 

I performed once, twice, three times before re-locating to Qatar. As soon as I landed I started to look for comedy groups in Qatar to join, I only found one but it was a good one and it is better than none. 

I have performed with Stand Up Comedy Qatar (SUCQ) several times and I continue to do so, I post videos online, receive invites to corporate gigs and this summer I was picked among the top finalists by Kit Kat in their bid to find the next big Arab stand-up Comedian , I also did my opening act for Won Ho Chung in front of an audience of 1000 people in the summer last year and the comedy is rolling on :)”

2. ” You are a Comedian but you are also creative in other ways tell us about that…”

” I’m a loaded bomb waiting to explode in the right direction…or directions, I write and perform my own material, I like acting and I participated in a couple of short films which were independently produced. I always act in English but I have recently been testing myself in Arabic , I draw caricatures and I sing occasionally (but not in the shower coz demons might come out & stuff)…that’s what they told us when we were young :)”

“Ahmed has agreed to write something for FQB in the future as a guest . We are really happy & excited about this!…Stay tuned readers!” – Rachel.

3. ” What are your hobbies and passions?”

” Apart from writing & performing comedy, drawing and acting when possible, I watch movies… 
I’m a huge critic when it comes to movies, I listen to the background music, watch for the actors performances and scenario’s, and I like to read articles and reviews from other critics before coming up with my own opinion.

Allow me to say that Leo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for Wolf Of Wall Street! Even though his performance was kind of predictable, he is a dedicated Actor and he has worked hard in the last few years to get away from the character of Jack which was left in all of our minds and memories when we saw Titanic.”

4. ” What are you inspired by? And are you influenced by any other Artists & Comedians?”

” I am inspired by life and by others around me, situations, news…Anything can make you stop for a few seconds and think…Why is he not wearing trousers!?

Some Artists that I like are Louis CK Adam Sandler (Except for some of his recent choices) , Russell Peters and believe it or not Al Pacino, It’s so sad that this dude is getting old and

because of this we see less and less of his legendary talent.”

5. ” How would you describe your style of humor/comedy?”

” Its mostly about personal situations, being Egyptian and living in a multicultural environment such as the Gulf region. 
Some consider it criticizing or mocking so I try to start by beating myself up first before I turn the “gun” on them so to speak…When I say “gun” I mean my mouth :)”

6. ” What does Doha offer to stand up comics like yourself?” 

” Its very sad to see this question and the answer is almost nothing, apart from the international performers who come through agencies every once in a while. There is not enough support for local comedy, a few articles get written every once in a while about the SUCQ group and myself yet there is not much attention paid to up and coming comedians in Qatar by talent judges or acquiring groups or supposedly concerned people.

We get invited to perform & host occasionally, but on a private level with no degree of exposure that you would wish to have, sometimes finding a venue or even enough comedians to perform is a challenge, but then Doha is a small community and you can’t expect too much.”

7. When and where can people in Doha experience your stand up comedy?

” I can only be seen in Doha at SUCQ comedy group events such as the one coming up on the 
6th of February Book tickets! Until Qatar TV or any other similar organization books or adopts me :)”

8. What are your dreams for the future?

” I want to perform comedy, I want to act, I want to draw on a frequent basis, I want to inspire individuals and to affect peoples lives for the better…being a learning manager gives me the chance to deliver a positive message about personal & leadership development and with my humor I manage to add a fresh & fun element to my facilitation that makes people leave the room with a lesson and a smile :)”