An interview with Saima from Crunch Doha – The All in one Fitness Center

Rachel Interviews Doha Entrepreneur, Saima Bukhari about her All-in-one fitness brand, Crunch Doha.


Saima Bukhari is an International Business Management graduate who is a passionate healthy living coach. This young entrepreneur was born and raised in Qatar, starting off Crunch Doha with her partner Nuwaid Pocker.

Crunch Doha is the first Transformation company in Qatar.

Their vision is to transform the world, one person at a time.

1. January is a time that many people set out to get fit and healthy but many of us fail in achieving our goals, what advice can you give to people to help them stick with a new health and fitness regime and make it work? 

Yeah, this is how many gyms make money. Start the New Year with an annual membership and then never see the people again! Ditch annual memberships and invest in yourself everyday. I do consultations with my clients and this is the base start which I will share you. Introduce new good habits slowly into your regular routine, a sample week looks like this:

Day 1: Stop having your regular can of soda

Day 2: Cut out processed foods completely today

Day 3: Go for a light walk around aspire park

Day 4: Positive mind – no matter how tough the day gets going you will keep smiling with your head held high

Day 5: drink up to 5 litres of water

Day 6: Replace your crisps and chocolate with fruit

Day 7: Reward day – Indulge in all you can eat sushi!

Small activities daily will add up. You will see your mind following your actions and you will gradually stop craving all the junk that you used to. I am a firm believer in doing regular reflections on work and myself, hence, tracking your progress is important and this will give you a sense of accomplishment too.

The best way to track this is to mark on your daily calendar what you accomplished today. Keep one of those big squared calendars so you can see it everyday and write on it easily. Reflect at the end of the month and you will find yourself in a better place feeling challenged and successful!

2. Tell us about the Crunch team and the beginnings of the company, is it true that one of the co-founders overcame their own struggles with weight and health? 

Yes, that is absolutely true. Nuwaid Pocker, my business partner, runs the vision of the company. Nuwaid’s goal at the start of his transformation was to prove that if he can do it, anyone could. Because of this, he is still the mentor and guiding force within the company to train the trainers and guide all of our clients to their personal goals.

His results were seen in 12 weeks, combining weight-training techniques, detoxing with back to basics nutrition, vitamins and weekly progress checks. Doing a program like this independently was very challenging and hence Crunch Doha came to life, the country’s first Transformation company providing holistic programs with training, nutrition and motivation.

From there on, we started adding people to the team because of the influx of demand. I’m an entrepreneur by nature so I didn’t want to create a brand or a company where people are coming in to just do their job. Our approach is still to have people on the team who are passionate about fitness, training and living healthy. They chose this industry for the love of it and this reflects on our clients as they feed off the positivity and enthusiasm for healthy life.

As for me, I enjoy driving the company forward in the direction that we envisioned before launching Crunch. Transforming the country, one person at a time!

3. Why should people in Doha choose Crunch over any other gym or fitness centre? 

This is where people get confused. Crunch Doha is not a fitness center or a gym brand. Our sister gym brand will be getting launched within 2015/2016 so I can’t reveal a lot about that yet. For now, Crunch’s clients train at our partner gyms at hotels; Mövenpick Tower & Suites’s health club, Bay View 26 Wellness, Swiss-Bel Hotel and Qatar’s Dynamic Gym to name a few.

Individuals looking to do an exclusive one-on-one training are invited for Crunch Royale, which is an exclusive service with a lot of additional perks.

Hence, don’t confuse us with a gym, a nutrition center, personal trainer or a coach. We are the one-stop shop for all-in-one!

4. What does Crunch Doha have planned for 2015? 

2015 has a lot going for us. We are expanding our team, introducing custom merchandise and developing our sister brand. We have also been getting many requests from companies who want to get fit! So it’s exciting that we will be working with some great people and seeing happy faces at the end their program or event. Our focus will be more towards health events this year so we’re bucking up for that.

5. What’s more important diet or exercise? 

You need both. If you do one, you get half the result. It’s as simple as that. With only dieting you will lose weight quickly and gain it back equally quick. If you only workout and don’t eat clean, you run the risk of probably putting on weight or staying the same while being more active than before. Hence, we designed our 12 Weeks Transformation Program that will give you the right combination of intense training and clean diet for sustainable results. Many of our clients have maintained their physique and weight post transformation so that’s a great success for me.

5. Tell us a secret…

hmm.. I have done the 12 Weeks Transformation Program too! Very few people have seen my pictures but I can tell you that my shape improved tremendously. I didn’t need to lose weight but my shape improved; I got my abs and a chiseled face. I wish more women did this without hesitating, thinking they will bulk up and look like bodybuilders. This is the most harmful myth.

6. What is the most popular Crunch Doha health and fitness plan chosen by people in Doha? 

Our 12 Weeks Transformation Program is our signature and most selling program too. Like I said, it gives you results in a short period of time, rebuilds your habits and is easily maintained long term. I don’t see why someone would choose otherwise! You should meet Haskar, he lost 36kgs in this time and is keeping off the weight even one year on. Our 3 Weeks Shed is another popular program. Individuals looking to shape up for a photo shoot, wedding or a party can prepare themselves to look their best and be ready “just in time”.