An interview with Karen Gines from Clumsy

What inspires this interesting, stylish Doha blogger? Find out below…

Karen Gines started the lifestyle blog Clumsy Chic in 2012, it curates everything that she’s passionate about; fashion, beauty, food and travel. The website provides inspiration to women by documenting Karen’s personal style and by detailing her views on the latest fashion and beauty trends, how-to’s and easy recipes.

Karen will be contributing to Funky Qatar Blog by writing regular guest posts. We are really excited about adding her fun, informative, and stylish blogs to the Funky Blog collection!

We recently interviewed Karen to find out more about what inspires her, we had fun and it was great to discover more interesting personal titbit’s about this chic Doha blogger…

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1. What inspires your blog’s and posts? 

I take inspiration from my travels, things I read, people I talk to, and styles that I see on the streets. There is a lot of inspiration floating around which catches my interest, this can get overwhelming but I find that when you take a step back and clear your mind, ideas and inspiration pop out from everywhere.

2. Which Blogs and websites do you like to visit in your free time?

I have a few! But on a daily basis, I visit FabsugarRefinery29Honestly..WTFWho What WearDomaine Home and People for celebrity gossip!

3. You have a great sense of style! What tips can you give others looking to inject some style into their lives?

Style is very personal. Your sense of style should be a reflection of who you are. My best advice is to choose clothes or beauty looks that you feel confident and comfortable in.

4. What on earth is a brain fart!? 

Haha! A ‘Brain fart’ is when you come up with the most random, often times stupid thoughts that just really don’t make any sense!

5. Describe Clumsy in 3 words. 

Inspiration, fun, personal

6. Tell us a secret…

I use lavender oil to treat acne. I dab a little at night and it’s gone the next morning!

7.  What do you love the most about Qatar? 

I grew up in Qatar so to me this is home. What I love most about this country is the relationships you build with the people living here, there’s a real sense of community… and having a ladies section especially in the traffic department is pretty awesome!

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