An interview with Habib from CREU – Handmade Furniture Qatar

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    Creu handmade furniture Qatar began in February 2013 when a hobby turned into a small business. The company is run by Habib who has specialties in carpentry, design and the re-use of recycled materials.

    This unique brand offer reasonably priced, made to order products which are quite different to anything else that you will find on the shelves of your average home store in Qatar. 

    1. (Habib) Tell us a little bit about how Creu – handmade furniture first began, and about your team…

    CREU is a small home-based business that specializes in the design and production of ‘funky’ and ‘different’ handmade household furnishings. We have a number of products available to order – from bookshelves to pet-beds, all of which can be found on our website. CREU was founded earlier this year when I had decided that office jobs were no longer for me. I was in need of a change and so I resigned from my old company and did what I had always wanted to do; become my own boss and start a business – CREU. The team currently consists of of my wife; Victoria, Son;Theo (3) and myself. My wife is a great help with the marketing side of the business and my son tests the pet-beds to ensure their comfiness and sturdiness. 

    2. Your furniture can definitely be described as ‘creative’ and ‘different’ what are your creative influences? And where do you find your inspiration?

    I am creatively influenced by the Industrial Chic style and often find inspiration in the works of other furniture designers such as those at UrbanWood Goods, Chicago. I like to use local fabrics and I am also inspired by people, I am open to the suggestions of my friends, relatives and my customers of course!

    3. I was interested to read on your website that you use a 50/50 mix of new & recycled wood in your furniture, Where do you source your recycled materials from?

    Much of the recycled materials (mostly wood) are given to me by friends who collect it from their workplaces. Having lived here for 17 years I have made a lot of good friends who are always willing to help out.

    4. I was reading on your website that you make furniture to order, I have an idea for a custom piece involving decoupage and old newspapers!?…Might you be able to help me with this?

    Although I have not done any Decoupaging in the past I am familiar with the process and would be happy to take on the project. Some of my best-selling pieces have come from the requests of customers so I am always willing to take on new projects.

    5.What has been the most interesting commission piece that you have ever created?

    The most interesting custom piece is actually one that I am currently working on. The customer has asked for a very large console to be built for his sitting room. It is nearly 3.5m wide and just over 1.2m high. It’s a big piece that weighs a ton and will need to be transported in pieces and then assembled at the customers home. I’m thinking of naming it the ‘Colossal Console’.

    6.What are your hopes and dreams for Creu in the future?

    I am hoping that CREU will grow in popularity and as a business. I would like to open a store, rent a workshop and employ a couple of skilled carpenters in the near future to take CREU from a small home-based business to a well known household brand. 

    7. And Finally what is the best way for people to contact you or to find out further information about Creu Handmade Furniture

    Please visit our official website to see examples of previous projects, you can also place orders through the website;

    Like us on Facebook!;

    Please call if you would like to speak to me about a project directly or for any other enquiry;

    Tel: 00974 77544167