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Ordered fish, got shish? Find out more about! In an interview with Rawad

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1. What is is, as I would like to call it, a digital marketplace where a network of partner restaurants facilitate their order delivery placement for both regular and potential customers by making available their menus and delivery service online.’s service can be accessed through a number of platforms, including a website, a mobile-site, as well as Android and iPhone apps.

2. Why should people order from

From the customer’s perspective, the hassle associated with the order making through the phone is removed and made more accurate as’s call center takes full on the order confirmations and follow-ups – if any – with the restaurants, ensuring that the ordering user receives his or her meal in a timely fashion and without wasting time over the phone. Also having hundreds of restaurants’ menus and exclusive special offers at one place and updated all the time makes it so convenient.Speaking of convenience, an important feature is that the user is allowed to place orders online in advance for up to 7 days ahead.

In brief, is an online intermediary between the user-consumer and the delivering restaurant.

3. also has an interesting blog. Where does the inspiration for these blogs come from?

Although it’s been around for a while now, the serious work on it started place a couple of months ago. What we are focused on, for now, is presenting a mixture of stimulating and fun entries revolving around food. It is not, I believe, what you would expect from an e-commerce website whose sole dealings are centered almost exclusively upon food deliveries.

The inspiration for our content comes mainly from our readings. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to food, most food bloggers are mostly dedicated to offering food recipes or reviewing their dining experiences. We opted for a more alternative perspective – there’s a lot more to food that one might assume. For the future, we are considering contributions from fellow food bloggers, our team members, and users themselves as first-hand reviewers of’s and restaurants’ services.

Finally, we would like to add that we are working on giving our blog a total makeover and our followers are to expect a lot more to be taking place on our blog.

4. What is the worst/best food delivery story you have experienced/heard about?

We hear a lot of stories from our call center agents, yet the best food delivery story we heard about comes, as a matter of fact, from_ the U.S. Stuart Edge who’s a professional prankster in Utah, he ordered pizzas to his place and pulled off a magic trick in which he turned 1 dollar notes into bills of 20 and then tipped each delivery person a $100. The video he shot went viral on youtube and we covered it on our blog as we deemed it important to shed light on the people we highly regard and consider as the very backbone of the food delivery service. We wanted to remind people that the person delivering their food is not a programmed machine, they are humans with expectations other

than their salaries and our tips – what we owe them, first and foremost, is a bit of respect and gratefulness. More about the pizza video prank.

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