How to create your happy space – Reading Nook

Because sometimes all you need in a life is a comfy armchair and a good book

Setting up a reading corner in your home will prove to be one of the most satisfying interior decisions. It will be a self-serving getaway within your home. Not everyone is a sofa in your living room or your bed type person that’s why I have taken it upon me to be your redeemer!


As a starting point, choose your favorite spot in your home. Reading nook has been trending a lot lately and people have been coming up with unique ways of creating it – a sunny corner, under the stairs and even inside a cupboard! I like to stick to the trend, that’s why I’ve chosen a sunny corner of my bedroom.


Now that you’ve found the right spot, you need the right chair, which is the most important part of your reading nook. Although I’d love myself a hammock chair, which is more casual and fun, but I’d prefer a barcalounger over it any day as I like to rest my foot while reading. But you can go for anything you like! Think about what type of seat is comfortable for you. A big squishy beanbag, an armchair or even a chaise lounge, which is perfect to kick back! If you are tight on the space opt for something that will not make your spot cluttered. How about a floor seating with a rug, an oversized cushion and a hula hoop canopy?

Find your armchair a company – a side table! It not only pulls the look together, but it also helps you keep that corner neat and tidy. Since this is your comfy spot, it’s gotta be clutter free and the side table iswhat you need! This space can also be utilized for keeping your reading essentials at hand, whether it’s a book you’re reading from the previous night, a cup of tea or some snacks.


If you’re curling up with a book on a Friday afternoon you’re sorted with the natural lights. In all other situations a lamp is an essential, whether it is a floor or a table lamp, get one!

If you want you can also add some plants in your reading corner to give you a fresh and soothing experience. I however like to skip this step, because I am not so good at taking care of them! I hate to see them die.


To put all this look together make sure your spot does not look dull or you might just never get in the mood to read and to make the space more enjoyable add some colors! Cushions are not only very comfortable, but they make your reading nook very refreshing. Choose cozy but colorful cushions that can brighten your space don’t forget to add a throw blanket you can snuggle yourself in. and if you also wish you can add some fairy lights to the

corner, I guarantee you this will make a perfect instagram picture!

Let me know what are you must haves in a reading nook, I could use some tips! But for now, enjoy a good book!

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