Inside the most popular fast food joint in the world!

There are very few people who have not experienced McDonald’s and even fewer people who haven’t heard of this fast food chain.

This ginormous franchise has been a pioneer and leader for fast food around the world. Applauded for their lightening speed delivery, variety of flavors and state of the art operations, McDonald’s holds a trendsetter image.


“With power comes great responsibility.”

After being criticized on health benefits of the McDonald’s food, they have initiated an “Open Door Program”.

In simple words it’s a way for the communities to get to know the kitchen, the brand and have a glimmer of insight into their operations.

So when we were invited to the Open Door Program we were excited!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures so here are top 12 facts that we discovered:

  1. Their ice is fresh and made in house with good quality water
  2. The process of grilling meats takes a total of 30 seconds.
  3. If the meat patty is not sold within 15-20 minutes of preparation it goes to waste.
  4. Preparation and packaging stations are slightly warmer than normal to make sure your burger is hot when you receive it.
  5. Storage units are at temperatures up to 6 degrees celcius which means you need to suit up to get inside to protect yourself from the change of temperatures.
  6. Supplies are brought to the main area from the storage every 2 hours.
  7. Each preparation station has it’s own mini fridge for storage to ensure food is kept cold and safe.
  8. Meats are prepared at a separate station than the veggie patties to avoid contamination for any veggie lovers.
  9. All buns are standardized and supplied from one supplier in the region to maintain standards, shape, size and quality.
  10. All meats are supplied from Malaysia ensuring it’s all Halal.
  11. They prepare their own soft drinks as they only receive it as a syrup. This is why their pop is always fizzy.
  12. From order to service the turnover time is approximately 70-90 seconds!

The level of organisation in the kitchen amazed us. Every station was super clean and the team was in sync to deliver food quickly. The back end looks at protecting the customer, the brand, and quality but most importantly it’s people. The team’s safety and health is of primary concern as they have adopted a variety of reminders of cleanliness of the tools used and personal hygiene.

For those crazy cheat days, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose McDonald’s!

Read more on the Open Door Program:

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