The Recipe of Color: Interview

You must have heard of color therapy as being drawing books for adults to reconnect with their childhood, being used as a stress reliever or being used for meditation.

Walaa, founded The Color Recipe, to help others on the same journey she was once on – to be her truest self. Understanding the effects of color in our lives Walaa guides you and your energy towards achieving happiness. Like she says.. stop living in autopilot!

She’s such a positive and lively personality, you cannot stop yourself from feeling so positive after a session. But what I love most about her is her badass nature and our shared love for hashtags!

1. What is colour therapy? What’s the difference between ‘regular’ therapy & colour therapy?

Color Therapy also known as chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method that dates to 500 BC. It is known that color effects our moods, emotions and state of mind. We absorb color through our skin (wearing it) looking at it, visualizing it. Color Therapy aims to balance body mind and soul using color frequencies and energies.

Color Therapy is a form of energy medicine, It’s not therapy in the way we know therapy today. Old healers believed that color can heal all ailments. In my work I use coaching plus what I call color wisdom.

2. How did you decide to start The Color Recipe?

I founded The Color Recipe after I discovered how to use color to overcome my fears and become my true self. Once I realized the profound effect that a colorful lifestyle could make in my life, I knew I had to share my discovery with the world. I wanted to inspire women to live a colorful life.

3. What’s your favorite part in working as a color therapist?

The changes my clients go through, helping overcome these obstacles using colors is incredible especially when they start noticing how color is playing a big role in their lives and they start telling me what they think it means.


4. What do you find challenging?

When a client feels stuck and they want to nest there hehehe… but with color therapy everybody moves.

5. Do you have your own color therapist? Or do you keep track on your own?

Yes I do and I love her!

6. How do you boost your energy?

Rainbow meditation! I love it and waking up early, I’m a morning person.

7. What is the one piece of advice you feel people need to hear?

All the answers are within you, you need to listen and just go for what brings you Joy, follow the pull.


Hope you enjoyed that! To get in touch & enjoy a complimentary color reading with Walaa, here’s where you need to sign up:

Learn more about her services and philosophy:

Follow Walaa’s daily positivity on Instagram: @thecolorrecipe

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