Ladies, What do you have in your Purse?

So I initially planned this post to be fictional like those that I see on YouTube, but then that’s not what we about and neither do I own any of those cool looking gadgets or girly looking charms so I guess this is what we will have to do with.

My hand bag is the size of the travel carry on people generally use when they “Travel” across countries but I have a disorder which makes me want to carry a little house in my bag wherever I go. I purchased my bag from BHS for 280 Qr. two years ago, it’s black, big and I helps me smuggle snacks in the theatre.60b47f59301b59cb221368e73b7418c7

I love that it is able to hold in all my stuff without looking like it will explode! I carry a bunch of necessary and unnecessary items in bag but I have tried to pick the 10 most essential pieces worth mentioning, so here goes:

  • Wallet – For my ID card, Cash, Bank cards, I never leave home without my ID card especially here in Qatar in case of ‘Checking’.
  • Mobile – It technically is in my hand most times but yes it is an essential handbag item.IMG_7071wdwqd
  • Make-up pouch – Call me weird, but I carry everything. I bought a glitter chic makeup pouch online over 3 years back and I am still so in love with it, it includes 6 lip colors cause I need choice and I end up using the same one all the time : D Who else is with me on this? I also have a few eye makeup products, lip balm, compact powder and the list goes on!
  • Bunch of keys – Who wants to be locked out? Apartment keys, Car keys, Locker keys.. KEYS TO SUCCESS!IMG_7078wsswsw
  • Tissues – Cause uhm, self-explanatory?
  • Perfumes – Who doesn’t want to smell nice? I love my Cashmere Haze body mist, it has an amazing scent of orchids, jasmine and sandalwood. I also love a strong fragrance that just lingers around as I walk for which I love oud and lastly I use Femme Lanvin which has a very feminine and pleasant scent cause again I need options.
  • Mobile charger/ Portable charger – I used to use my portable charger up until I gave up and realized I don’t charge it enough so I end up carrying both my charger and portable charger.
  • Candy & Mint – Only cause I hate the feeling of deprivation I want to be loaded with candy. From gum, wafers, gummy bears everythaanng, I need to be able to chew something when I am bored ( Not the best habit but YOLO )
  • Painkiller – Headaches, toothaches and for the multiple annoying things that happen during the day. I do not always opt to take pain killers but lately it has become very important piece in my handbag.
  • Sanitary Pads –  This is one of my must haves at all times.If not for yourself, help another sister in need.

Apart from this I have a little journal gifted to me by my Bff @Amee and some stationery, sunglasses that I never wear, hair ties, hair brush, business car holder and loads and loads of receipts and waste papers.

That’s what my bag has, do let me know in the comments below your favorite handbag essentials!

Martha Sabatini

Funky xoxo

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