How to solve the biggest problem with tiny homes

Having a small house means you become the master of organization and keeping clutter to the least. I’m constantly finding innovative ways to make the best use of space available in my apartment.

Here are some tips to maximize both style and function!

#1 Invest in multi purpose furniture

If you have a tiny home, secret storage spaces are your savior. I usually buy multipurpose furniture with a hidden drawer or compartment that can be used to hide all the clutter, while taking up no extra space at all.


#2 Utilize space efficiently with Ikea’s wardrobe organizer

I love organizing drawers and cupboards and Ikea’s wardrobe organizers have to be my favourite. They have boxes; add on racks etc for such affordable prices and in all sizes that can fit into any drawer, or empty space. You may wonder how this can save area, but dividing a shelf into different categories with an organizer can give you double the space.


Ikea cupboard organizer

#3 Ledges and racks on the wall for more storage

Instead of adding shelves or cupboards, try to add ledges or racks to the wall that can be used to store utensils in the kitchen, books etc. The open storage will drive your view upwards making the room look larger. Open storage will also help you keep your mess organized.


#4 Use room dividers instead of walls

Instead of walls to separate areas at home, room dividers are a great way to maximize space and also to create a decorative focus point. Room dividers could be in the form of bookshelves, curtains or even wooden cabinets.


Wooden room dividers


Book shelves/ cabinet used as a room divider

#5 Drying/washing line that can be pulled out if and when required

Apartments in Doha don’t come with a designated laundry area and with the unpredictable weather, not everyone prefers to hang their laundry in the balcony. I found the perfect solution for this at Home Centre. This drying wire can be pulled out and used to hang clothes and when you are done you can close it, and it’s almost hidden.


Drying line (extendable) available at Home Centre

#6 Utilize space under stairs

Install a mini cupboard under the stair to utilize the space and store suitcases and other things that require storage.


#7 Mirrors to give the illusion of a larger home

Mirrored furniture or large mirrors in hallways, behind a sofa etc can create a focal point while doubling the space of the room. The One has a wide variety of decorative mirrros!


#8 Lighter colors make everything brighter and bigger

Using whites, lighter colors, earthy tones, and complimentary shades can make a space look wider in comparison to using darker shades.


#9 Roll up your clothes

Roll up your clothes instead of stacking them in drawers; this can save up a lot of space!


#10 Hang curtains high and wide

Hanging the curtains wider and higher than your windows trick your eyes into thinking the window is larger than it is. Also using sheer curtains can make the space look bigger and allow more natural light into the area.


Tiny homes are the best way to get creative and stay organized. Let me know your favourite tip in comments below !!

Signing off,


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