Benefit – The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Makeup Review

Do make up launches ever take a break?! I swear every time I turn around there is a product out there you’d drool over! Well this time say bye-bye to your dull looking skin because Benefit Cosmetics has recently released a new POREfessional pore minimizing make up foundation! (whew, what a mouth full!)

Benefit The Porefessional pore Minimizing Makeup 3 Medium 1

This product was released in February and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it since I really liked their first ever launched POREfessional face primer. I tried to justify by reminding myself that I own way too many foundations and I definitely do not need this one. In the end, the makeup addict in me won the fight.

To those who are in debate here’s my review of the POREfessional pore minimizing make up.

The packaging

Benefit cosmetics just know how to grab your attention. This one here has a very unique packaging. It is in a size of a pen and convenient for those who are on the go for touch ups. It has a small applicator at its base, which is easy to pull out, and the cutest push button that gives just the right amount of product, which helps in miniziming the appearances of the pore and gives a 3D finish.


The scent

You read it right! This product has a hint of fruity-floral scent to it, but if you are sensitive to scent don’t worry it is not too strong and definitely doesn’t smell chemical-like when you apply it to your face.

About the product

The product has mushroom extract, which is known to minimize the appearance of the pores, the whole purpose of the product right? It comes in 5 different neutral shades covering a wide range of skin tones ( Fair, Light, Light medium, Medium & medium deep ). Like I said earlier it has a small sponge blending applicator at its base which is absolutely perfect for me since I do not like to use too many brushes and applicators before I rush out.

The product weightless and has a runny consistency which feels very light on the skin, but gives the best coverage to your pores.



Why didn’t I mention this above? This has got to be the most cost effective and full value for money product. It cost me 175 AED (I forgot to mention I got this from UAE), but this product should range about the same in any Wojooh or Sephora stores.

My final verdict would be I absolutely love this product over any other pore minimizing products that I’ve used. I also have recommended it to my Funky Squad and they have been loving it as well!

P.s – This is not a sponsored review, all the views mentioned above are based on my personal experience of using the product.

P.p.s – Let me know in the comments below if you’ve enjoyed reading this review also stay tuned for the upcoming product reviews. We love hearing from you!!


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