“Travel more, Worry less”

Travelling to a new destination is a fun and exciting experience . The travel excites me but the hassles at the airport check in and security (especially if you are travelling economy) can be frustrating if you are not prepared to take on delays, rush hours, rude attendants and that one unnecessary dramatic scene at the airport!


Here are my TOP HACKS to make your airport run easier.

#1 Always check in online

This will save you a lot of time at the airport, avoid busy queues and also get the best seats while considerably reducing the chance of missing your flight!

#2 Avoid using the bathroom closest to the boarding gate

People tend to wait until they board to use the bathroom, but the bathroom closest to your boarding gate generally will be the least clean and hence I always try and use the bathroom before the security check.

#3 Always ask for the chance of an upgrade or the best seat on the flight

Ask! You can never lose. Airlines are always generous enough to accommodate you onto the best available seat or see if they can upgrade you. Several times, I have taken my chance to find myself lucky on an empty business class seat.

#4 Go in early if you want to get the front seats

Perks of being early! The front seats have more leg space in most flights and also feel the least turbulence. Incase you have a child or are pregnant its always nice to be early and find the most comfortable seats.

#5 Stick fragile sticker on your luggage

This has to be my favorite hack. No matter what, I always stick the fragile sticker on my luggage to make sure that my bags get VIP treatment: D

#6 Keep your hand luggage organized

The chances of being questioned about your belongings at the security check in are high when you least expect it. To avoid having all your things pop out and fall and break, organize them in little pouches or if you could also use ziploc bags!

#7 Keep empty bottles until you pass security screening

Carry an empty bottle with you after you pass the security screening use the nearest water cooler to fill up your bottle and keep yourself hydrated at all times. If you keep a filled bottle before security, you will be asked to throw it away at the counter.

#8 Wait for the boarding queue to clear

You already have your designated seat there is no need to hurry. I never understand why people rush to line up, while you could comfortably wait until the line has cleared and then pass the boarding gate like a BOSS!

#9 Tie a bright colored ribbon on your luggage

I avoid fancy name tags for bags as they mostly get lost by the time the luggage is back to you at your destination. Instead opt for a cheap and easily recognisable technique. Tying a bright color ribbon for each of your luggage can help you easily spot your bag among the rest while avoiding any mix-ups!

#10 At the security check head to the left checkpoint

People generally tend to reach out to the right of their checkpoint as right being the dominant hand. Therefore make the choice to move to the farthest left checkpoint, which would usually be the least busy.

#11 Check flight status before you head to the airport

Flight timings can always get delayed or scheduled earlier at times. Call in early to check the status before you head to the airport to make sure you aren’t late or too early.

#12  Don’t wait up in line to rebook your flight

Once you have missed your flight, people tend to wait at the ticketing counter to get a rebooking. However, instead of wasting time waiting for your turn making a call to the ticketing center will do the same job for you.

#13 Get extra time by rolling back your computer’s clock

This is a fun trick. Most airports have a one hour complimentary wifi access. When it is almost time for the hour to finish I roll my computer clock half hour back and buy an extra half hour for free!

#14 Eating candy on a flight can help with ear pressure

For those who suffer from ear pressure during flights, while take off and landing try to chew on some candy, or lollipop. It’s a real life savior.

#15 Checking in counter hack

Choose the counter closest to business class to check in, sometimes if the line is empty they assist economy traveller to use the business check in point.

Travel hassle-free with these airport tips and let us know you’re favourite airport! Also tag us in your favourite travel pictures, we love hearing from you!!

Signing off,

Ameera Hassan.


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