5 work outfit ideas you’d want to try

Aren’t we all nicer when we like our outfit? At least I am! Looking for something elegant and catchy to wear to work? Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

What to wear to work can feel like a task in itself. We have to know and understand the several aspects that control us when we choose something to wear. Here are 5 Middle East work outfits you’d want to try. 

  1. Layer it up!

Adding layers to any clothing can be both stylish and add warmth to your outfit. Opting for removable layers is easy and it will keep you warm and snug while inside your air-conditioned den and once you are out of the office simply take it off. Throw on a stylish blazer or a trench coat, which makes any outfit look nice and chic. I personally prefer to wear a trench coat, especially in the current weather, this is the favorite item in my closet!

DSC00318 copy.jpg


  1. Loosen up

Although I love to fashion myself in a nice tailored suit, I have days where I love to loosen it up. There are definitely certain styles that are meant to be worn loose like culottes and maxi cardigans and they are perfect for the office. So if you are looking for a way to keep it cool and loose here’s how I have styled myself in culottes that are not too short and is perfectly appropriate for work. I usually like to pull my hair in a messy bun to put the look together.




  1. Color it up

Work outfit should never be limited to basic and neutrals. Don’t be afraid to add colors to your outfit, inject a little life to them by wearing a colorful shirt or shoes with a formal piece. A good example can be a simple black shirt with a bright blue pencil skirt. You can also add a splash of color by jazzing up your usual black pants with white button down polo and a splash of color by adding red pair of shoes or a red handbag. I believe in self-expression.


  1. Prints & Patterns

Somedays going to work can be boring, but it doesn’t mean that my outfit’s got be just as dreary! I am never scared to add patterns or prints to my outfit, especially leopard print. I obviously don’t like to overindulge in it. Keeping it classic with a red pencil skirt and beige loubies. I like to go with a no-make up make up look on days I wear prints.

If you are someone who does not like wearing prints you might want to opt for patterns. You can wear a nice monochrome patterned dress when you aren’t feeling too dressy. To make it look like you have put in effort to dress up curl your hair to add volume for a finished look.


  1. Accessorize your outfit

Life isn’t perfect but your accessories can be. It is the perfect spice; it always compliments what’s already there. I am not a fan of chunky jewelry, instead I love me some pearls but most days I like to add a pop of style by wearing a neck scarf. I mostly like to wear it the cold shoulder style or the borrowed-from-the-boys style.


3A8BC402-F4F3-4B76-B829-F1C5A9BA4FEA (1).jpg

These were 5 looks from my fashion diary. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do. Let me know which one was your favorite look.



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