Life Hacks has been trending on the internet for the longest now. We’ve read it all, beauty, life, hair, school, work, and style hacks, but this time I bring to you – Life Hacks – Qatar Edition. I personally haven’t come across anyone who has either written or spoken about it so I decided to put together a few not-so-obvious life hacks.

I am hoping that you find these useful and are able to implement them in your daily activities.

Before jumping into the hacks, I wanted to mention a stereotype in Qatar. With living in Qatar for so many years my experience has proved that it’s super easy and friendly to approach and talk to locals in Qatar. There is a way to be sensitive to the culture and customs but once you’re well versed with that Qataris are just people who happen to be nationals in the country of your residence.

 Another special mention I want to make is that Qatar is a very safe country to live in. Don’t get me wrong, there is misconduct here as well but it is at minimal comparing to the region or the world. One of my favorite things about Qatar is that it is a very expat friendly country.

Hack #1: Traffic

All of us know that the traffic in Qatar is one of the most hectic things to deal with, but here is a tip you could use to foresee the amount of time you may take to your destination! Instead of using maps for direction only, use it to track your traffic and provide you with the shortest route! I check the traffic to my destination all the time, this definitely helps! Swearing by google maps.

Hack #2: Discount Vouchers

This has got to be my favorite hack! Spend Qr 295/- on the Entertainer app or the Entertainer book and get discounts throughout the year on restaurants, salons, health and fitness, leisure activities and a lot more. Free meals/services; buy one get one free & exciting discounts that are valid for 7 days a week (excluding public holidays).

With Get discounts upto 90%!! How awesome is that? You simply need to log on to the website and buy the deal you like! It has got deals on Food, services, products and a lot more!

Hack #3: Petrol for ID card 

Did you know that you could give them a copy of your Qatari ID card at the gas station and fuel up in case you are short of cash? You can later pay the money you’ve fueled up for. If you didn’t know this now you do!! No more getting stuck on the way back from a desert safari.

Hack #4: 50% discount on traffic fines 

Pay within the first month of the issuing of your traffic violation and pay half the price. The government in Qatar is really cool and supportive even when you make a mistake.

Hack #5: Online booking for Movie Tickets

Despite this service being available in most countries for a long time, we are so happy it reached Qatar. Q-tickets has been making lives easier for all of us by helping us cut ques and reach the cinema just in time for the movie, popcorn and trailers. I personally love it because I can choose my preferred seats for a movie premiere without any issues.

Hack #6: Car Battery down? No problem! 

Did you know instead of waiting forever for a friend to pick you up or even contemplating hitch hiking, you can simply dial 999 and ask for help? FOR FREE! Someone will come help you!

Hack #7: Mega mart Hacks!  

Personal favorite! Who doesn’t love to save money? There is an aisle at “mega mart” that sells products close to expiry date for dirt, so the coffee my friend gets generally amounts to 30/40 Qr/- but at the discounted aisle she gets it for 8/10 Qr/- how cool is that? But make sure you consume it before the expiry date. Duh!

Hack #8: For all your Qatar related queries!

If you’re looking for something, use Qatar Living Forum. It’s almost like Quora. Either submit a question or search for something similar.

Hack #9: Long ques for a car wash?

If you don’t have time to get your car washed, go to a mall. Quick wash for you while you shop! So convenient!!

Hack #10: Follow us and our friends!

Want to know about events and happening things in Qatar? Follow a local blogger/pages. Some of our favorite ones are @Iloveqatar, @Wgoqatar, @where2eatqtr!

Tell us your favorite hack in the comments below!

Signing off,

Martha Sabatini


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