The January theme is still going on and like many I’m still hoping to be inspired and motivated to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself and accomplish my blogging ambitions!

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, head over to our – 2017 resolutions post Habits you will want to include in 2017!

If you’re persistent you will get it, if you’re consistent you will keep it!

What keeps you Inspired? Staying inspired is an ongoing journey and requires consistency. Generally, change of place, spending time alone, listening to TED talks, being part of a life changing situation, or just healthy conversations can all lead to inspiration.

I personally get inspired by reading quotes & memes because why not? Humour makes everything better right? Song lyrics, movie dialogues as I’m a movie fanatic and I’m good to go! But the task generally is staying on track so I came up with a way to Inspire myself and I hope this works for you because it’s super easy, do-able & cheap!!!


So here is an extremely easy DIY that you can make if you like the idea of an inspiration wall or a goal reminder!

Items Required: Canvas, Glue gun, Scissors, Jute thread, Decorative laundry clippers (Available at Jarir and Al Rawnaq)




  1. Use a 50 x 80 cm canvas and divide the width of the canvas into 5 equal parts. If you want to get creative at this part use color, you can paint the canvas with random colors or paint a picture first.
  2. Cut five strands of jute threads (length – 85cm or a little longer than the width of your canvas) to create a holder for the photos/posts.
  3. As shown in the picture, connect the thread from one end to the other of the canvas and stick the edges with a glue gun. image2.JPGimage3.JPG
  4. Complete all 5 sections.
  5. Now print out your favourite photos, quotes, movie dialogues, inspiring thoughts or goals you want to achieve in a polaroid photo size paper.
  6. Clip it onto the strings on the canvas.
  7. Attach it onto the wall above your work desk or the side of your bed, so you can read it each morning and get inspired.



Funky tip: You can also add LED lights around the canvas, if you like a cozy and chic look.

PS: Do not forget to translate your inspiration into action!

Signing off,




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