Feeling sick? Here’s how you can feel better!


Getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. It happens to all of us and times like this we just have to call in sick for the day and try to get better. Here is my guide to what I do to feel better.


Fluff some pillows, get in your favourite PJ’s and fix yourself a healthy snack to munch on while you snuggle in your blanket to stay cozy. You’re home for a reason so spend your day resting and doing as little as you can.


Your body needs plenty of fluids, so do not skip on that. Take care of yourself by taking the medicine or the remedies required to feel healthy. I generally opt for Ginger Tea or Chicken soup when I have flu.


No matter how tired or unwell I am, nothing makes me feel better than a hot bath. It not only lifts your mood up the heat will reduce body pain and the steam can help you with the sinus too. I usually add a face oil before I go to bed to help me with my dry and dull skin during my sickness. Don’t forget to use some chap sticks on those dry lips too!


I understand that most of us like to stay in bed and wallow, but wallowing only makes you feel worse. So get up and tidy up. Open your window, let some fresh air in and straighten your room. Change your sheets, and throw them dirty tissues away. This will not only make the room look cleaner but it will also change your environment to a little friendlier.

Escapism is not that bad after all

You are so tired to even bother yourself to do anything energetic for the day, so spend the day as peacefully and as calm as possible. When I feel sick or dull, I like to escape with a lovely novel (currently reading 40 rules of love, again) or watch my old-favourite tv shows (I will never say never to FRIENDS). A lighthearted TV shows or movie will keep you cheery and in the mood and take your mind away from the sickness.

Get a good night sleep

You have stayed home resting all day, so rest more and sleep more. Hopefully you will wake up feeling a lot better than you did the previous day, well if not eat , sleep repeat!

What are you tips for the sick day?

Signing off


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