Habits you will want to include in 2017!

Dear #GirlBoss you’re here to conquer.
Stop with the excuses and lack of fulfillment towards your resolutions.

Here are 45 habits you will want to adopt in the New Year.


Above and Beyond

  1. Not to give a crap about what anyone else thinks
  2. Consume moderate to low sugar – preferably natural sugars
  3. Love only your best friends
  4. Stop stalking pretty people with pretty Instagram accounts
  5. Crack less jokes to people you just met..
  6. Reuse scrap paper, magazines for inspiration or doodling
  7. Set aside 1.5 hours everyday for some “me” time
  8. Use the “sleep app” to monitor your quality of sleep
  9. Not to listen to Mrs. Judgy-judgson
  10. Proudly tell people my age
  11. Create a “when I’m bored or have extra time list”
  12. Shop luxury goods, guilt free
  13. Work less hours, produce more
  14. Count your blessings
  15. List memories
  16. Stay classy rather than trendy
  17. Weddings are not a time to get competitive
  18. Take care of your skin
  19. Buy printer ink in bulk.. ‘cause you will never have enough
  20. Get into the habit of reading.
  21. Keep a journal and plan out your day/week and stick by them.
  22. Don’t carry your past with you in 2017
  23. Talk less, listen more.
  24. Eat a good breakfast
  25. Stop being late! You will discover being on time might not be such a bad thing.
  26. Turn a hobby into a career.
  27. Spend more time being creative.
  28. Get attached to people not things
  29. Family first!
  30. Whatever be the circumstance , see the positive
  31. Travel more
  32. Remember not every aspect of your life needs to be on social media
  33. Write down your goals
  34. Take a chance and make that change you have been talking about.
  35. Strive for progress, not perfection.
  36. Choose confidence every single time.
  37. Invest in yourself.
  38. Hustle Hard!
  39. 3 most important things – God. Goals. Grind.
  40. Always have smaller goals that pave way to your big goal.
  41. Detach yourself from toxic people even if you love them unconditionally.
  42. Get shit done! Do NOT procrastinate, you cannot deposit excuses!
  43. Collaborate with people you can learn from.
  44. Kickboxing, Karate or any form of martial arts, you pick!
  45. Take more challenges

Because happiness is in the small things rather than the big ones.

Look straight ahead towards your goals and enjoy the ride till you get there. The New Year is just another opportunity to turn over a new leaf. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Seasons Greetings & a Happy New Year!

Lots of love & best wishes,
Saima, Ameera, Martha & Nashita


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