Style your room with DIY’s

DIY’s are a fun way to add creativity to your space. For some people it may seem like a daunting experience, but for some there is nothing more satisfying than a successful DIY project. I generally prefer DIY’s that are not so time consuming and don’t require too much patience. If you are like me & love to create, then go ahead and try these!



If you have read my previous post How to add coziness to your home ,  you would know how much I love throw pillows. So I decided to make my own. This is a no-sew pillow cover.

Supplies: White fabric, scissors, glue gun, cushion fillers, mod podge and glitter powder

  • Cut two pieces of the fabric (15x15cm) for the front and back of the cover
  • Apply glue with the help of the glue gun along three edges of the fabric to create the seam and stick together front and back pieces.
  • Turn the cover inside out.
  • Fill it in with cushion fillers.
  • Here’s the tricky part! The 4th side of the cover that is yet to be glued should be folded about 1 cm inward while sticking together the last bit in order to get a neat finish.
  • Finally trace the letter you want on the cushion, add mod podge over the letter and stick the glitter powder over it.




Supplies: Gloves, a tree branch , knife, wood protector paint, paint brush, led lights, butterfly string, magic tape.

  • Safety first! Put on a pair of Gloves.
  • Cut out a branch from a tree and remove thorns and unwanted branch endings. ( Be careful while doing this)
  • Paint the branch with a yellow wood protector and let it dry.
  • Stick it against the wall with magic tape
  • I had a string of butterflies in hand that I used to line against the branch.
  • Finally, add LED string lights along the branch.

P.S: I painted the owl on a canvas  to give it the appearance of two owls sitting on a branch.



This is an easy upcycle DIY project.

Supplies: Plate, glass, Spray paint, glue gun, Stones for decoration (I used the stones from an old fabric).

  • Spray an old plate and glass with golden spray paint.
  • Use the glue gun to stick stones or anything of your choice ( You could use anything from Washi tapes, fabrics to glitter!!) to create a design on the plate
  • Finally stick the glass at the center of the plate using the glue gun.

Your DIY jewelry bowl is ready!

P.s – Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of these DIY’s in the making ,thanks to my limited photography skills & patience. 😛

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Happy DIY-ing 😀

-Signing off ,



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