Carnivores give Vegetarianism a try

Did you just say “ew” when you read veggie? Or were you that 1% of the population that got excited?

Well, I wanted to share with you the experience of having a vegetarian menu for a carnivore. Nando’s Qatar were so kind to call us to try out their new menu so we accepted instantly. But as the day approached, the FQB Squad thought we’re going to be grabbing a McDonalds on the way back!
Luckily we were well looked after and generously fed. There are 4 items on the menu at the moment for #NandosVeggie and having 4 members to our blog, this was an easy mission to accomplish.

Vegetarian Espetada

Something Exotic

Quinoa Salad

Vegetarian Wrap

All the dishes consisted of Paneer which is great if you like eating it. As a carnivore, I am not a big fan of having paneer. BUT! I saw how creative you can get with this simple protein.
Like the regular Espetada, the veggie option had your usual favourites but with paneer and a wholesome corn. We opted for this signature dish along with a side of spicy rice and a 3 bean salad.

“Something Exotic” was our last pick and yet, Nashita & I kept it on the top of favourites for the night. This was paneer and watermelon grilled skewer. It was bursting with summer flavours and definitely a stomach filling item as the portion was quite large!


The “Vegetarian Wrap” was Ameera’s favourite! She thoroughly enjoyed the spice of peri peri sauce which honestly, made her day. You could see her gulping an entire wrap rather quickly between sentences! Haha



I agreed on another good dish with Martha which was the Quinoa Salad. I have never seen a quinoa salad with so many ingredients and flavours combined in a one bowl. It is a self sufficient, power packed, lunch option for 1 during lunch. The ingredients that we did pick up on were: sweet potato, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, chickpea, cucumber, lettuce, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, flaxseeds and quinoa (duh).


Quinoa Salad



To end the night we opted for a delicious combination of Lotus Cheesecake & Natas which is almost like a cream puff.

Lotus Cheesecake


So whether you eat meat or not, I think you must try out the Nando’s Veggie experience! Their creativity of using paneer in various ways impressed us and had us unbuttoning our jeans.

Signing off,


Funky xox

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