Before I get into telling you about “Blogging with Chef Vineet” I have a little story to tell you. In 2012 when I met my husband, we quickly bonded over our love for good Indian food, great ambiance and perfect hospitality.We chose Saffron as the restaurant for our date. Little did I know, that night and Saffron Lounge were going to be memorable and close to my heart. My dear hubby proposed to me! *blushes*

So when the invite came it brought along a rush of memories, which only got me so much more excited to be a part of an event at the restaurant which was already one of my favourites!

Which brings me to telling you about the fun and creative meeting with Chef Vineet at the event “Blogging with Chef Vineet” at Saffron Lounge in Katara last week. And here’s how it went down..


Us (Martha and Ameera) with Chef Vineet

The first session of the event was a little meet and greet with fellow bloggers and the Chef himself at the lobby. Saffron’s hospitable team served us bite sized appetizers along with a selection of welcome drinks.I chose a more modern and refreshing mocktail with watermelon and ginger while Martha chose the traditional Indian lassi with a twist of blackberry. Needless to say, neither disappointed us. Among the appetizers both of us relished the smoked chicken tikka.



What caught our attention and had the most paparazzi was the plate of cheese poppadoms that were presented in such a quirky manner. Chef Vineet placed the papads in the bristles of a comb that was embedded in a bowl of rice grains. Everyone had a hearty laugh and it definitely had a visual effect which will stay in our minds for a long time.


Quirky cheese poppadoms

The meet and greet was then followed by a live cooking session by the very own Michelin star Chef Vineet accompanied with a Master Chef style outdoor kitchen. This was the part M and I were most happy about. As a recent cook, I was expecting to learn a tip or two. The chef demonstrated how to cook Chili Coconut Prawn and Coconut Coriander Rice. This is a popular style and combination of cooking in the Indian states of Mumbai and Kerala.


Coconut Chilli Prawns in the making


Adding the final touches


Chilli coconut prawn and coriander rice

Here are the points we took away from Michelin Star Chef Vineet:

  • Cook with all your senses; love and passion.
  • Never add anything into cold oil. Wait for the oil to heat to infuse the right flavors.
  • Garam masala is an aromatic masala, which is to be sprinkled on food after cooking.
  • LOVE dish- “Left over vegetables & etc”. Never waste left over food or vegetables. Always try to make something different like a stir fry or add some sauce for a different flavor creating what the chef calls the LOVE DISH.

With the lovely aroma filling up the vicinity, it stirred up an appetite for all of us! Perfectly timed, the Saffron team caught us drooling and served a portion of the dish for each one.

It’s hard to critique a Michelin Star Chef’s work and I’m not an authority to do so. But as a food enthusiast, I will say the prawns were cooked to perfection and the coconut milk gave it the right amount of flavor without overpowering the dish.

To end the day on a happy note, they served us desserts which each had a unique twist, Chocolate Golgappas being the trophy dish!


Dessert Platter

We all went home with a goodie bag containing selection of Tchaba tea’s and chocolates from Le chocolat.

Kudos to the team of Saffron Lounge for organizing such a lovely day for the bloggers . And Chef Vineet, for hosting such an elaborate  and enriching event!

Signing off,

Ameera Hassan.

Funky, x.o.


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