Bonjour les amis!

Those who know me, know that it’s been my dream to travel to Paris and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle live for far too long now. So last month, without putting another day of thought to it, I decided to travel solo to the city of love.

I landed at Paris early morning, and I couldn’t wait to step out of the Airport and pinch myself saying “ Am I really here?”

Beginning of an epic romance..


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My first stop in Paris was at the Hotel Saphir. Although my check-in wasn’t until late afternoon the staff was super friendly and made arrangements for a room. The hotel was just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower making it easily accessible by foot to all the major landmarks. Until the room was ready I decided to go grab my favorite Pumpkin spice latte and set out to see the one thing I had been waiting to see, the Eiffel Tower of course! It was love at first sight ❤

I wandered around taking photos of the scenery until I stopped and took my very own shot of this beautiful and magnificent tower


Warning: you are going to be seeing a lot of Eiffel tower in this post!

Out of the many lovely things to do in Paris these are a few things that made it to my list of must do-s while in Paris and here’s why they should be in yours!

Tour- De Eiffel

Purpose of this trip was the Eiffel for a tour right to the top, So I got up there around sunset watching the different shades of the beautiful sky *gasps* TRULY MAGNIFICENT AND SURREAL!!  The queue on a busy day can take up to 3 hours, so it’s best to buy your tickets in advance.Make sure to carry something warm if you are visiting during the winters, as it can get pretty chilly at the top


LOUVRE – An art lover’s paradise

If you are a fan of art and sculptures, you must visit the Louvre. If not , there stil is a lot it can offer . There is more to this museum than the famous painting of Mona Lisa. (be prepared for a crowd around the painting).The collections of painting and sculptures from artists of different centuries will amaze you. You might need a whole day at the museum and it still wouldn’t be enough to see it all. My favorite view were the ceiling paintings of the palace that are beyond spectacular!



This is another iconic landmark of Paris.The sound of the church bells while waiting in the queue keep you at peace .It is without doubt one of the most beautiful Church’s I’ve seen, I cannot begin to explain how beautiful and holy the atmosphere inside was despite of the crowd visiting everyday. The soft lights and candles with the stained glass gave the church a very calm and soothing atmosphere. I took an audio guide who explained to me the beautiful history of this Church. You can also climb on top to enjoy the view of the gargoyles, however I decided to skip it as the queue was too long and I wanted to head to champs elysee to watch the sunset.



If you are a shopping freak this is the right place for you. From the brands you know to the brands you’ve never heard of, this place has it all. This is the shopping district of Paris. You see tourists and the locals enjoying shopping and chit chatting at a restaurant over looking the beautiful view of the city. It can get crowded during the evening so if you are like me who hates crowd, head to this place in the afternoon, it is usually quiet during that period of time. The Arc the Triumph is situated at the end of the champs elysee street. You must climb on top to watch the breathtaking view of Champs Elysee. The ticket costs 10 Euros and the view was worth it all.



You cannot depart without a night stroll in the city. Paris can get so much more beautiful in the evening with the lights no wonder it is also known as the city of lights. Sure New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Paris is the city that can never stop to be beautiful. Don’t forget to see the Eiffel Tower sparkly. It was a total bliss to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle !

WAFFLES at the streets of Paris

Before you leave, if you haven’t had atleast one waffle or crepe from the street, you haven’t completed your journey as yet. The crepes available at every corner are to die for. Nutella and strawberry crepes ..SLURP!

So that’s about it. This is how I spent my time strolling through the city and experiencing the famous places. Do I want to go back? YES. I would love to visit again and this time it wouldn’t be just 4 days. It didn’t do justice to the place at all! Like Audrey said “ Paris is always a good idea!”.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do let me know your favourite place in Paris, so i could include it in my itineary for my next visit!

Signing off


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