Wish you owned a yacht, but not quite ready to splurge? Well, you stumbled upon the right post.

Last week was great! From restaurant openings, beach party & then a casual cruise on a yacht.  The weekend couldn’t get better than this. 12 ladies set sail in Qatar’s exclusive yacht charter for women and families. I’m sure you figured that out by the title 😉  But before diving into telling you about the experience, I must say a BIG thanks to Donnabelle & Bianca for organizing it & having FQB on board.


Upon entering, we were welcomed by the crew & Bianca, the captain of “Pink Lady Charters” who breifed us on some important safety instructions on the boat. Don’t doze off at this point! As we all started to get comfortable we were promptly offered some tasty bites and sips . In our 2-hour cruise we sailed around the  Corniche towards MIA. Believe it or not, this was extremely relaxing and soothing to the soul. The views were spectacular.It felt like a luxurious spa outing.. This detox was great for the eyes and soul.


Completing the cruise at sunset was absolutely ideal. The weather was lovely and the breeze made it a perfect day to be at the sea. The grand sitting arrangements made it comfortable for everyone to put their feet up and watch the sea splash against the yacht. The yacht definitely had the feel of a top hotel suite. The captain kept a smooth pace which was completely aligned to our laid back mood.


My favourite part was the cushioned front deck and I can promise you it’s the best view of the sea while you lay around!




The yacht service enables you to choose 12 people including yourself to enjoy the cruise, play games and get five star service on board from a team of very professional and courteous ladies.The yacht is specifically for ladies and families only.

To experience the luxury of a cruise, I would definitely recommend the “Pink Lady Charters” for pretty much any occasion . The yacht allows their guests to bring on board food & drinks . For a celebration, you are welcomed with open arms to dress up and set up the yacht to your liking!! I cannot express how much fun this can be! Such a perfect, fun idea to get about planning surprises, having birthdays, baby showers & bachelorettes.

Signing off,

For those of you would like to know more have a look at their website for all the information.
Prices for hire:
2 hours: QAR 4000
3 hours: QAR 5500
6 hours: QAR 9000
4 hours: QAR 5000 (Weekday special)

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