Event review: #TeatroDoha Grand Opening

Where Eastern Cooking meets Western Cuisine

Last week was exceptional as we were invited to get a complete Teatro experience.

On Tuesday, 11 October we made our way to City Center Rotana. A new East meets West restaurant, which has opened up right at the heart of West Bay, Doha. Teatro’s opening night came timed for the mid week when we all need a little ‘pick me up’.

The location is just perfect if you live in or near West Bay. As the restaurant sits on the 2nd floor of the hotel you get a beautiful urban view through the restaurant. Whether you’re a long term resident looking for a new dining option or a newbie, add Teatro at City Center Rotana to your list.


If Teatro were a TV show, it could loosely be how you feel when watching ‘The Good Wife’. The traditionally elegant restaurant fills the air with mystery as you cross the entrance. You are immediately eager to pick the perfect table, choose a soothing wine and start ordering from the wide range of delicacies of Asia. The masquerade paintings and casually placed masks make it an obvious stage for a theater. The grand piano at the cozy corner of the restaurant plays soft lively tunes while you dine with your favorites. The dark and rustic dinner sets gives you sweet glistening sense of dining with stars. None of this should surprise you because Teatro in Spanish translates to ‘theater’. Bet you didn’t catch that!


The ambiance of the restaurant is warm, cozy & romantic making it the right choice for date night or an anniversary. But the place does not limit to couples as they have private rooms catering to small gatherings too. 

The evenings’ activities began with a wide selection of starters. The Teatro team had prepared dishes from a full variety of cuisines available at the restaurant. My favorite dish was the Miso Sea Bass and the exquisite sushi. The only part that was a bit off-putting was the speed at which the food reached the table. In events this is always an area of challenge so I don’t hold it against them. However, I lost my appetite before most of the mains came out. Here are some of the dishes I did try & loved.

The evening was coming to an end but before that, everyone was super relaxed and in a much lighter mood. The evening moved along speedily as we had participated in a raffle draw, sushi making contest and a game that ended up being a large karaoke session. HAHA! This was the by far the most fun and interactive restaurant opening we have been to till date. The entire team was hands on, excited and ensuring the comfort and mood of the night was on point.

We walked away with a lovely parting gift and when inspiration struck, I thought why not share it with you.


A mood board for your visit to Teatro 😉

Thank you to City Center Rotana & Teatro’s team for having us!

Signing off,

For reservations or more information, call +974 4445 8888 or visit http://www.rotanatimes.com


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