My new Jam – Vitamin E

It feels like one of those things when a baby learns something new and keeps saying it over and over again! Ughh I am obsessed with Vitamin E!! I could write like a book on the things I’ve learned about it, not literally but yeah something like that!

This is my new fave beauty essential! I am not too sure if it is available in little bottle/containers, I use it Straight Outta The Capsule! Also the brand I use is called Evion and you either can get online or in your local pharmacy (double check that cause I get mine from India).

So I won’t make this long and I will list down the benefits.

  • Anti-Aging, get some of that good stuff on your finger tips and massage it straight in your face. You will see most anti-aging products have high percentage of Vitamin E.
  • Scars, be it acne, bruises, burns vitamin E speeds up the process of skin cell rejuvenation .
  • Nails and Cuticle problems? Use this REGULARLY for stronger nails.
  • Dry Skin? Vitamin E’s got ya girl!
  • Lip softener! Use it like you would a lip balm!
  • Skin softener; Apply it directly on your skin and let sit overnight.
  • Make up remover; it works as good as any store bought product excluding the harsh chemicals! If this doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will!
  • Hair, Helps premature graying, prevents split ends, helps hair grow long and THICK!

These are just few benefits of vitamin E if used externally, however it might not suit all skin types so either do patch test or get in touch with a dermatologist before you use it.

Let me know what you use Vitamin E for!! Leave me a comment down below & get in touch with me on my social media listed below!

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Martha Sabatini Carvalho

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