Need to get some relief, now? Whether you’re at work or home some days all we need is to find some time to unwind and give our self the joys of being stress-free. 


Do you find yourself watching the clock when you can get home? Do you debate daily on whether to relax on the couch or go to the gym? Do you find yourself dismissing conversation with your family to get some peace of mind? 

Most of us carry the drama from work back home. After you have been at your best behavior for 8 hours of the day, when you get home leave all your work thoughts behind and realize that the next few hours are completely yours. 

If it were practically possible I’d be in Paris every weekend but since that’s not happening I make sure to get some ‘Me-Time‘ either at the end of the day or the week and this is how I wind up  

I have 3 tried and tested methods to relax and unwind from the daily struggles of life. These have helped me improve my quality of life as I find myself more at peace and present. 

Effective ways to spend some ‘me-time‘: 

GIVE YOURSELF ATLEAST 30-45 mins away from your Phone. 

If you are a book lover, imagine yourself on a recliner with the coziest blanket, sipping on some calming tea or Coffee ( If that’s what you are about) and reading a book. Relaxing right? Well that’s what you would find me doing after a long day at work. Leave the worries behind you and catch up on some romantic novels or maybe go a little fifty shades darker? 


Comfort is key 

A messy room is definitely not what you want to come home to when tiredHere is a tip that I follow. Set your alarm 5 minutes early, so you can make your bed and clean up the mess before you leave to work. This will benefit you in two ways. One it kind of kick starts your day before you get to work and second when you come back, you wont have to clean up!  


Detox bath! 

This is my most favorite way to unwind. Light a candle (currently obsessing over the mahogany teakwood scent from bath and body works), add some Epsom salt to help detox and play your favorite instrumental music to go with. Oh I could just stay in there forever! 


Finally, to end the day on a great note, tuck yourself into bed in time to get your well deserved 6 hours of beauty sleep. 


Signing off,  

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