How to care for your hair at the beach


While laying at the beach for hours and soaking up some vitamin sea feels great, we often forget that it is essential to take care of our hair and skin to survive all the salt, chlorine and sun. We apply sunscreen all over our skin, but we tend to ignore our hair depriving it of moisture.

After I got back from my Eid getaway at Phuket, I thought I would share a couple of tips on how I protected my hair from the damage it could have gone through amidst all the island hopping, tanning at the beach and chilling at the pool.

Hats are your saviours 

UV rays from the sun can damage your hair making it dry and brittle, so the first step to protect your hair would be to keep a big, wide brimmed hat on at all times. Not only does it complete your beach holiday look, also really serves the purpose.

 Serum to fight frizz 

Recently I tried the Schwarzkopf osis+ magic finish serum. I religiously consumed almost half the can throughout the trip, and applied the serum onto the dry ends of my hair. It helped to smoothen it and hold in moisture in my locks. These are perfect to fight frizz.

 Apply oil or leave in conditioner while taking a dip at the pool 

It is very important to seal your hair with oil before diving into the pool and saving it from chlorine. I prefer applying leave in conditioner before I hit the pool so that my hair soaks the conditioner and not the chlorine.  I would recommend the L’oreal Ever crème nourishing leave in spray. The product does not leave sticky residue and is extremely conditioning.

Beating Humidity

Humidity can result in greasy scalp. To reduce the greasiness all you need is a trustworthy dry shampoo. I use the dove hair therapy refreshing dry shampoo, which is effortlessly available in most stores and budget friendly.

Styling your hair 

Using heat irons and blow-drying increases the frizz in your hair. Instead opt for a styling oil spray. The Toni and Guy sea salt texturizing spray does the trick for me.The product gives my hair natural movement with light hold.Also the most manageable hairstyle would be a messy bun or a braid.

Hair spa and hair treatments 

With all that being said , it is always good to get your hair a good protein or hot oil treatment once you are back. You could also try a diy hair mask at home.

Here’s the link for some easy to do DIY hair masks.

No more frizz, dry locks and unending combing to detangle your hair!

Gorgeous hair all holiday?? Hell Yeah!

Signing off ,

Ameera Hassan.

Funky, x.o.


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