A letter to my younger sister..

My little sister,

You are my best friend, favorite roomie, my worst critic and my biggest fan. Time is passing so fast and I don’t know amidst all the craziness when did you grow up? When I look back and think about you I see a mini-me and how sometimes I wish I could tell you stop right there, and do something differently. But I know, you might learn a little from what I’ve done but mostly you got to embrace your own.

Having completed 25 years of existence I jus wanted to share a few things for you to remember, but if all else fails, I will always be there to hug you and tell you ‘its okay’.

Stop being scared of ‘what if’

Things will always go wrong and nothing will make sense but you can rely on yourself. Once you are 25 you’re stronger than before mentally, more rational and have come so far. Now you know that you got to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It’s not a cliché but a mantra in your life. Instead of taking stress and being disappointed, focus on your happiness and wellbeing. Nothing is worth sacrificing that.

Do it now

Take your chances with being more spontaneous. I never thought I would have the guts to jump off a bridge tied to nothing but a rope or jumping off a plane. But, I managed.. Risky? Yes. Fun? Absofreakinlutely! The most interesting part about this is that you will forget the word fear. Daring yourself to push boundaries will challenge you and strive for greatness. If nothing else, you can tick off something on your bucket list.

Love is tricky and meeting ‘the one’ at a certain age is overrated

You assume that you want to meet ‘the one’ by a certain young age but gradually you will realize a few things. Either, you are ready to get committed and move ahead into that phase of life or you aren’t. Don’t think of marriage as just a big party but think of the life you want to live after that. There are many great adventures that wait for you across the border. So time it best to what you are ready for.

Find inspiration in people, conversations & places

Instead of googling “how to get inspired” or “where do I find inspiration” focus your attention in moments. You will find yourself feeling motivated and energized in the small things like good conversation, new places, meeting new people or simply being on your own. Pinterest will only get you so far. You have to physically do different things to stay motivated and inspired.

Your body is where you have to live

25 is a milestone which you may not realize. But you will when your metabolism starts to slow down. If you don’t stay on top of your game you will lose your health, develop rough and dry skin, weaken your hair and nails! Don’t focus on losing weight but focus on staying healthy and enjoy the upcoming years.

Honey, these are just the highlights. You will mature into a beautiful young woman who will have the strength and will to take over the world. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen on your time line. Giving up is the easy part, so keep the blinkers on and march forward.

Your Older Sister.

-Written By Saima Bukhari.

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