What does your home say about you?

If you look around your home, you will start to realize how everything that is there or the way it is arranged can say a lot about you. It is there as a memory of your favorite holiday, beautiful painting that you picked up at a bazaar or pictures of your wedding. It’s all a reflection of something you did and want to remember everyday.

Most often than not, we tend to see a lot of pictures in magazines and come across different styles from furniture stores and incorporate the same. You don’t want your home looking like something out of the magazine or like another hotel room. The only way to make a difference would be to add your own personal touch!

To help you do that I  am going to list a few elements that will help design your home to make it your comfort zone and an extension of your personality.


Choosing your home style

Bohemian, contemporary, minimalistic, traditional or industrial? Honestly, there are so many different styles or a combination of them you can consider. Do a thorough research on different décor styles to choose what you love the most. The easiest way is to simply ask yourself ‘what is your own personal style?’ Casual and comfortable? Trendy and free spirited? Classy and modern? I personally love a mix of modern and Asian and that’s exactly what I would want my house to look and feel like.

Try this fun quiz to Know your home style !

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Where do you spend the most time?

Different spaces require different vibes. In a living room we like to see warmth, style and a sense of welcome whereas in the bedroom it would be all about comfort and coziness. Having your kitchen set not just based on functionality but also your flavour. If you like tribal prints opt for baking mitts of similar style. If cooking is more of a luxury for you then go for thought provoking quotes on your kitchen walls, near the sink and on the marble platform.

So whether you spend the most time in your living room, bedroom or even the bathroom, make sure to decorate the space with both form and functionality.

Recently I fixed a ledge in my bathroom because let’s admit it, we all love to take our phones and laptops to the restroom (guilty?)


Italian fashion designer Roberto’s work studio is piled with art books, photos he’s snapped around the world and mementos from his travels

What core values would you want your home to reflect?

There is a subconscious way we affect our space. That wall full of photo memories, a bookshelf with your favourite reads or even a holiday memento. These things speak of characteristics like attachment to memories, value for relationships, love for travelling etc. I love hanging frames with quotes as this helps my family and I to reflect on being positive and motivated.

Don’t budget

You don’t have to do it all in one go. Once you’re done with the basic furniture, live in your home for a while before you decide what more to invest in. Gradually fill it up with statement pieces and things that you would love to own. This way you not only will be making thoughtful choices, you will also be spreading out the expenses. The things you buy at different times will eventually speak of your journey as a person. A house is a home because of the person you share it with. Include the likes and needs of the people you share your home with. It is a wonderful way to have mixed tastes and create a unique abode.


Green is cooling to the eyes

 Some love it, some hate it, but everybody likes to look at it. I personally don’t enjoy taking care of plants, but the green is always refreshing to the eyes. If you are a nature lover, go ahead and fill the corners of your house with white orchids, money plant or even a bowl of succulents!

A new home is a blank canvas; decorate it to match your own style.

Signing off,

Ameera Hassan.


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