How to go from topsy turvy to organized


How are you lovelies doing today? I wanted to share my top 5 tips with you on how I try to get myself organized. The tips mentioned below are super easy and do-able. The key remains in not ending up as a control freak but staying spontaneous and organised at the same time!  


Often we end up relying on our memory to remember what we had to do for the day. But let’s be honest, remembering things on time doesn’t come naturally. So while we trying to get back on track, it’s best to make lists or stick up post it notes at frequently visited areas. You can do it either on your phone or a journal (I LOVE JOURNALS!!). I prefer journals because you can either cross it out or put it little tick mark once it’s done so by the end of the day you know how much you’ve achieved. There is also a level of satisfaction in making that physical tick off the task which cannot be compared with a swipe on your phone. But, do what makes it easiest for YOU. 



This one is an obvious tip that most of us know we ‘should’ do but do not really look after. It is crucial to take notes either the night before or first thing in the morning to make sure your appointments are confirmed, schedule your social media, organise transport for the meeting or even schedule the coffee break with a friend. This helps in spacing out your day and making sure you do not have multiple things to do at the same time thus avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed. 



This is something I do all the time. I over estimate how much time a certain task will need and end up scheduling the next job within the hour. Scheduling your appointments a day in advance has given me full control over what needs to be done. But, also giving yourself enough time to do all these things is #majorkeys 



This should probably be on top of the list, but every time you work on a desk, sit to do your makeup or set out time to cook a delicious meal, make sure to put everything back in place and clean up so that the next time find everything you need easily and saves loads of time. I’m guilty of not following this tip eveyday but the whole point of the day is to keep trying. 



To support the lengthy to-do list in my journal I maintain reminders with the alarm option in my phone for the most important things. It makes life so much easier because I can set the reminder 15 mins before I need to be on location. The polite thing to do is to make sure you keep your phone on silent or vibration mode when in a meeting so to avoid that disturbance.  


Having said all that, I believe being organized should not kill spontaneity and excitement. It’good to stay focused and on track with our daytoday activities. Let me know in the comment section below on how do you stay organized. I love to hear more on new creative ways! 



Martha Sabatini Carvalho  

The Coolest Funky Girl

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