My favourite beauty buys!


Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would share a few of my absolute favourite beauty products. I have been using most of them for over a year now and I promise you they are good!



I am a huge fan of all the products by Soap and Glory. Ever since I used their award winning body butter I got hooked on to trying most of their products. My most favourite of all their items has to be the peaches and clean deep cleansing milk. As I have oily skin, when I look for a cleanser I want something that doesn’t make my skin look dry, but radiant and this product has it all! I use it every morning to help clean my clogged pores and it really helps my skin look very refreshing.



Sometimes you need products that you can fall back to time and again and trust that it won’t break you out or make your skin flakey when you put your foundation on. Cliniques turnaround overnight moisturizer is my buddy! I always fall back to this one and I have totally given up on the rest! 3 dabs of it before my primer and I am good to go!



I am sure I will have plenty of you agreeing to this one. This is hands down my favourite of the lot. A bit goes all the way. This product makes my skin look flawless and poreless and makes the applicant of the foundation very smooth. You don’t even have to get the bigger one as the mini version of this runs longer than usual!

It really is the BEST product and my personal fav!



This product is a working woman’s best friend!

I have tried so many but I always fall back to this one. A little whiff off this product on to the roots of your unwashed hair will do wonders! Massage the product with your fingers and let it absorb the oil.



And why wouldn’t anyone want their lips to taste like bubblegum? Maybe lick some off as well (been there, done that)

Rub it off and lick it off whenever you like because this product leaves no residue on your lips after it has been applied. Your lips will feel completely smooth, not at all oily and very very tasty!

These were my top 5 best buys, let us know in comment section below which one of these have you tried or would like to try! Also, tell us your favourite beauty products; We love to hear from you all!


Signing off,


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