How to add coziness to your home!


After a long day of work and running errands, I love coming home to a cozy, comfortable and calming space. They say your home is a reflection of your personality. Every now and then I like to accessorise or add some colour for a refreshing change.

Here are some tips to follow to add cozy elements in your house:

  1. Plenty of pillows

I have a fetish for pillows. I can never have too many of them. One of the easiest ways to change the look of your bedroom or living is to add pillows of different sizes, patterns to give it a soft or cozy look. Add a throw to go along with it and you will have successfully cuddle proofed!

  1. Candles and fairy lights:

Candles are a perfect way to add mood lighting. Most days I just light up my favorite Bath and Body Work scent for a relaxed and warm feeling.

Fairy lights are also a trendy way to add a magical feel to the room. Create a canopy of string lights or simply use them as wall art.

  1. Dark , moody walls:

If you have a large living area or room, you can up the cozy factor by painting the walls a dark, moody shade. Dark browns, charcoal grey and other dark shades can add a warm palette to your space.

  1. Cozy nooks:

This is my absolute favorite idea because sometimes all you need is a good book and a comfy chair! Create your own cocoon by the window or the corner of your room by adding a hanging chair, or a recliner that almost feels like it’s hugging you.



Keep it cozy!

Ameera Hassan.

Funky, x.o.


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