Stylish or Fashionable – Who are you?


There is a big difference when it comes to being fashionable and stylish. Often we think the two go together but really, you can be either or both. This is the daily gamble.

I want to talk to you about identifying whether you are a funky fashionista or a stylish sister.

The Funky Fashionista

If you are the person who keeps the latest copy of Vogue by your side, up to date with the latest season collections, read Business of Fashion like your morning newspaper then you, my friend, are definitely a Funky Fashionista!

You enjoy being on trend and love it when someone calls you fashionable. You’re excited knowing you are part of the urban movement.

The Stylish Sister

If you are the person who is always critiquing ‘looks’, have a thousand ways to use the same shirt and notice the level of confidence in a person before they even speak to you, then you are certainly a Stylish Sister!

Your closet is timeless. Every piece you own is a representation of you and your various styles. You don’t necessary want to be on trend but are informed enough so not to make a blunder. When the skinny jeans trend came out, you weren’t the first to tackle it, but definitely the first one to own the style.


Whether you’re a high alert trend watcher or a classic girl, outfits take time and effort to get right.

Here are 4 tips to get it spot on every time!

  1. Inspiration

My favorite task when I’m lying in bed is to think through what I want to wear tomorrow. Scrolling down Pintrest or gets my creative juices running and in the mood to plan my outfit for tomorrow from my existing wardrobe collection.

  1. Pick one

Don’t go for a cocktail of trends when working on your #ootd. Choose one trend and run with it. For example, the latest chokers (or as I like to call it “the 90s coming back”) and build your outfit around it with a pastel shade tshirt or shirt accompanied with your trusted pair of jeans.

article-2683539-1F753FAC00000578-580_636x382Picture credits:
  1. Respect

It amazes me to see people in Qatar not respectful to the culture and customs when it comes to dress code. When you know you’re going to go to the mall, pick a modest outfit. If you’re going for a dinner date at The Market, go all out and pick your shortest dress. But don’t swap the two!

  1. Adapt

As it’s summer and most of us are either on vacation or planning to go, pack outfits or pieces, which will keep you comfortable in that environment. I would bring out the complete rainbow for a holiday in Bali, go for some moderately bright colors for a holiday in London and stick to the pastels with a hint of bold colors for a holiday in LA.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.17.24 PMPicture credit:

If you’re looking for some self discovery in this department, here is a great quiz for you to do. Don’t take it to heart if you don’t like what you hear. Try out a few tests and you will have a better idea of your style. Most importantly, read up on ways to embrace your style. If you’re still stuck and like to have someone help you, email me on and I’ll connect you to some excellent stylists.


Till then,

Funky, x.o

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