DIY Garden Fence

Have a few pieces of wood lying in your store from a previous project? A mini garden to re decorate?

Well then, get your GARDENING GLOVES!

Some days I just like to take up the challenge to build stuff rather than buying ready store products. My garden has started to look dull and boring with all the seasonal changes. I think making little things around the house gives it a very personal touch and also can be rather satisfying.

So after I finally managed to convince myself to stop binge watching, I decided to take some time out and create a mini fence around the garden.Luckily I already had left over wood pieces from a wooden pot stand I created previously.

Result? A mini garden make over that looks super cute!



  • Bundle of wooden sticks
  • A pack of nails
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Wood cutter
  • 1 Drill
  • 1 Measuring tape



Cut out wooden sticks as shown in the picture below in equal lengths using the woodcutter. These will be used to create the vertical fence sticks.



  • Dig mud in equal distances to fix the wooden sticks into the mud
  • Size of the gap between sticks will depend on the span of your garden area.


garden 2


  • Now cut out two long, thin strip of wood as shown below to connect the fences horizontally.
  • Add both of the thin wood strips horizontally with the help of a drill and hammer to give it a more finished look.




Clean up the mess (Sorry can’t help the Monica in me) and enjoy your DIY garden fence.




As simple as the instructions look, this maybe a tad bit time consuming. You can always make it fun by involving a friend or a family member.

Funky tips to add your own touch:

  1. Paint the fence a funky shade
  2. Add led lights to give it that extra jazz
  3. Grow a creeper around the fence


Have a good day readers!

Signing off,


Funky, x.o.

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