Suhoor with Sheraton Grand Doha Resort

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort kindly invited a few names around town to test out their Ramadan suhoor.


The mood of the place was set before you entered the grand and cozy suhoor tent at Sheraton Grand Doha this Ramadan. The hall was filled with an exhibition of selectively handpicked jewelry being displayed just outside of the tent. Yes, Sheraton has an actual tent feel to their suhoor!

The set up of the hall was warm and grand to say the least. The live music filled the tent with sounds of the oud (Arabic guitar), violin and keyboard. The musicians sang traditional songs while on the other end of the tent was a muted large flat screen showing the football match. One can say, it was the perfect night. To give the guests the ultimate Arabian experience, the hotel had also arranged for an opportunity to and hold and interact with a Falcon. This was the icing on the cake of a great evening.


I had a great time interacting with the staff and waiters of the tent. Not only did they smile when they spoke they offered courtesy and care. If you have been in Doha long enough like me, you don’t take quality people and service lightly as very few places are able to successfully pull it off.

While the Resort only had tea bag teas to offer, I was seeking for something more fresh and different. My server was kind enough to whip out a hot with fresh mint, authentic Eygptian tea!

The “fahm” guys were equally great! They were so attentive and  kept replacing the coal on my sheesha without hassling me.

It made my night memorable because I want to go back for the lovely people.

This was my first suhoor tent where we had an a la carte menu. The idea sounded so foreign to me that I could not comprehend why. It was refreshing to say the least as it avoided a ‘food coma’ and wastage of food, which happens to me too often in a buffet.

Here is the menu & pricing of the suhoor tent:

If you’re thinking about having a fun night with your friends, this has got to be it. It has the blend of entertainment, food, and grandeur but above all great people!

Signing off,

Funky, x.o.