Adventure Rooms Qatar- Review

With the summer heat and sand storm hitting hard in Doha , the options are getting limited to places like malls, theatres, and coffee shops. You are naturally not likely to do anything outdoor.

This weekend, not wanting to do the usual driving through traffic, fighting for a parking spot, catching up on a movie at the mall or dining at our favorite restaurant, we decided to try the ADVENTURE ROOMS. So my five friends, and me put on our thinking caps and headed to play Doha’s first live escape room game.


Adventure Rooms Premises

Now let me tell you a little about the game. The live escape game is a mystery game to solve puzzles and find keys with the help of unique clues hidden in the room. The game lasts for 60 minutes. You can have 2-7 participants in one game. Currently they have two games: Crazy Scientist (medium level) and Black Queen (hard level). Our overconfident mind pushed us to go ahead with the Black queen as we thought we’re going to get out alive.

They kept the initial impression of the place simple, yet giving an exhilarating vibe. As we entered the premises the staff welcomed us with a smile.  We quickly registered for the game as “Team Funky”. He then handed us a set of rules and asked us to leave all our belongings in the locker provided, the phone included. The rest is a secret best kept.

From the moment you enter the room and the clock starts ticking, we were completely engaged in the game. We did not realize how quickly the time passed. We were so busy awakening the Sherlock in us, cracking each clue with logic, playing on each other’s strengths to do our best. As a team, you really need to cooperate to be able to get ahead in the game.  

The game is thrilling and holds your complete attention for that one hour. I personally found the game very well planned and thought out. Good job to the people of adventure rooms! It was an amazing experience and a refreshing change to the usual excursions.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to escape in time, but belly laughs and a chaotic story to tell.

It is a fun activity to do with family or friends and Team Funky would totally recommend it for all age groups. So whether you’re a couple, a family of 6, group of friends or a large corporate team, everyone can enjoy the mystery. 

Next month they will be adding two more rooms, and we are definitely going back. Who’s coming with us?

They say only 20 percent have escaped so far, would you take up the challenge?

 Signing off,


Funky, x.o.

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