Palatial Ramadan At Marsa Malaz

Palatial Ramadan Tent

by Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Pearl Qatar


This week FQB was graciously invited by Marsa Malaz Kempinski at the Pearl Qatar to try out their Ramadan Tent.

The Palatial Ramadan Tent at Marsa Malaz was a beautiful experience. A magical night comprising of delicious food, beautiful ambiance and friendly people.

This year Marsa Malaz managed to out do their tent with the food. They successfully covered most of the popular dishes and cuisine of the world; Japanese, Qatari, Morrocan, Indian, Italian. Feeling truly international for this Qatar Airways supported night. The tent comprises of the best with specialities of Al Sufra & Chef Julien Al Khal.

The food quality was good and satisfactory to a broad taste bud. My personal favorite was the turkey roast and a sweet wasabi sauce to compliment.

The only downfall was the temperature of the food in general. This can be an issue at times when catering to a large audience. Plus the time I took to chat with people between taking the food and actually eating it did cool down my food fairly quick.

The Head Chef at Al Sufra was extremely courteous and took the time to explain the origins of all the main dishes. He explained to me why the vermicelli rice is kept between the lamb curd dish & couscous – they’re meant to be had together! The traditional Qatari harees and biryani added beautifully to the aroma of the dining. The live food stations were manned by lovely staff that smiled and provided delicious sushi, fresh crepes and lots more.

The decoration was gorgeous and right to set the mood for a grand suhour night out with your loved ones. You can easily get lost in the soft blue and pink lighting, candle lantern on your table and soothing live music in the background.

As the aromatic sheesha filled the room up the magical night came to an end. The mystery continued and the funky bloggers left on the next venture to explore another suhour tent.


Suhour: 290 per person

Timings: 9 pm to 2 am


Signing off,




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