Suhoor at Grand Hyatt Doha

The month of Ramadan has got to be the favourite time of the year for every expat or local in Qatar. Why? Because of the awesome iftars and suhours!


 The beautiful traditions and food make this time of the year so much more fascinating.Well the food does… at least for me hahah!

Suhoor is typically the meal to have before you start your fast before sun rise. The meal has now glorified into a 5-hour buffet hosted by only the best in Doha. Here we’ll talk more about the exceptional experience Grand Hyatt Doha provided for it’s “Ramadanis”



Grand Hyatt Doha’s Ramadanak Tent for Suhoor was nothing short of an amazing kick start to Ramadan. The variety of the cuisine offered was at best, lavish and grand like the hotel.

 I don’t want this blog to be pages long so I won’t paste their menu here… but you’ve got to know that they had a large selection of baked delicacies, salads, Asian Cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and in case you are feeling healthy.. a fresh juice bar! The highlights of the main course was the beef stroganoff, classic shawarma, the succulent lamb roast and traditional lamb biriyani! The food selection gave me a sense of comfort and luxury styled together. Adding to the mystery, the ambiance of the faux tent was mesmerizing to say the least.

IMG_7707.JPG        IMG_7716

The highpoint that made the experience ever so beautiful were the desserts. I definitely had sugar high from the homely khunafe to the chic red velvet. But my personal favorite was the semolina cake and cheese khunafe for their alluring fragrance and flavor.

 It wouldn’t be fair to not mention the efforts GHD took to have the area oh so well decorated and majestically adding to the perfect ambience and very welcoming staff!


I would highly recommend visiting them i.e the Ramadanak Tent for either iftar or suhoor with your loved ones. After all Ramadan is all about sharing the love.


The rates are mentioned below and you can also visit their site for further details and reservations.

Iftar – from dusk to 8:00 pm                         Price: 220 Qr/

Suhoor-from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am             Price: 200 Qr/-



Funky , x.o.






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